Following back to back losses to the hands of mid-table Watford and league leaders Chelsea, Arsenal find themselves in their familiar 4th place position in the table. However this penchant for 4th goes beyond their standings and is even being considered as one of their new logos. 

Sliding into 4th... Courtesy of @footballmemes

More (fun) facts about Arsenal and their penchant for 4th:

4. Arsenal are the 4th highest scoring team in all of Europe in the 16/17 season with 83 goals across all competitions only behind Barcelona (100), Monaco (100), and Real Madrid (98). We’re well aware of the scoring potential of the first two following our recent Champions League meeting(s)… 

4. Arsenal were ranked the 4th most hated club in England (12.2%) on Reddit following a poll in r/soccer with over 15000 responses. Behind Manchester United (30.3%), Liverpool (16.2%), and Chelsea (13.4%). I suppose less is more in this case. 

4. Coincidentally Arsenal were also ranked 4th in the second most hated club from the same poll (9.8%) behind Chelsea (24.9%), Manchester United (17.1%), and Manchester City  (14.4%). 

4. Arsenal have won the EPL 3 times, which is 1 away from 4. The Warriors had a 3-1 lead. 

4. Arsenal have now spent over 3300 days in 4th position since the EPL was established, which is equivalent to slightly over 9 years…

4. Arsenal have finished 4th 7 times since the establishment of the EPL. Oh lucky number 7…

4. Arsenal have the 4th fastest ball boy team in the EPL clocking in at 5.62 seconds between ball out of play and throw in being made. Manchester United now lead following Mourinho’s switch as detailed here

4. Arsene Wenger has properly zipped his jacket up correctly 4 times since being in charge of the Gunners

4. All Arsenal players are required to have at least one vehicle with 4×4 capability upon joining the club as a form of subliminal messaging to the clubs goals

Back at home sweet home in 4th. Let the pain continue. Let us raise our hopes in the off season, call for Wenger Out, and do it again. Rinse, lather, repeat. Here is a help line to get us through these trying times. Oh to be a Gooner. 

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