EA CEO Andrew Wilson met up with The Raised Flag and shared some details on EA’s flagship soccer franchise FIFA’s latest installment today stating, “It’ll be pretty much the same thing.”

Fans will be glad to hear that ‘The Journey’, a game mode that featured a saccharine rags to riches tale, will see a continuation in next year’s edition. Wilson stated, “Yeah, I think we’re going to use the same stuff from last year. I don’t think anybody will notice.” When pressed, the executive stated, “Well it would be real expensive to get the voice actors to come back. We’ll probably like change Hunter’s shirt color or something.”

Wilson reiterated motives that will be quite familiar to long-time fans of the franchise, “At EA, and especially with FIFA, we’re committed to making as much money as possible. With FIFA 18, this means really phoning it in. It’s going to be virtually the same game”

Wilson picked at the surface of his desk with a pen knife as he continued, “I mean, has soccer really changed that much? It’s likeā€¦ 50 years old.” Soccer, a colloquial and regional term for the game Association Football was founded, by most accounts in 1863.

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“We figure we’ll probably take some stuff out.” Wilson said, striking a match on his nail and lighting a cigarette. “We’re thinking of maybe making it so goalies can’t use their hands. I mean, we’ll add it back in the next year as ‘Keeper Realism Overhaul’ or some shit. That way we don’t actually have to come up with new ideas.”

When asked about updates to Ultimate Team, FIFA’s popular card-trading online mode Wilson was coy, “So, you can only get MLS players in packs now. That way people keep buying packs to get Messi or whoever, but they’re just not there.” At this admission, Wilson pounded a shot of Black Velvet and pushed over our reporter, leaving the room.

A release date for FIFA 18 has not yet be announced, but Wilson hinted at a 3 day prerelease for Premium Deluxe Edition purchasers. With all the coming news, one thing’s for sure: this reporter can’t wait

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