As the January transfer window nears its end, last minute deals will go down around the English Premier League over the next two days. High-flying Everton and lowly Sunderland are no exceptions as the Blues confirm the sale of both Darron Gibson and Bryan Oviedo, two key figures in Everton’s play, to the Black Cats on Monday afternoon.

The fee remains undisclosed for the moment, but the rumored price is supposedly around three bags of Walker’s crisps and a box of Jammie Dodgers for both players. The deal comes at a crucial time in Everton’s campaign as the Blues were hoping to secure a spot in the Europa League tournament next season, or even possibly sneak into a Champions League place. However, the Merseyside squad will likely free fall down the table and face an intense relegation battle with the likes of Swansea, Palace, Hull, or even Leicester.

Oviedo celebrates during one of his numerous appearances for the Toffees. Photo courtesy of @Bryan_Oviedo

Sunderland, on the other hand, will surely benefit from their recent purchases and climb the table rapidly, and perhaps even land a spot in the upper half of the table by May. Sunderland manager David Moyes was quoted as saying this:

“I do love a few Jammie Dodgers before bed every night, but the trade went smoothly and I couldn’t be more excited about these two young men coming into the side and turning our season around.”

Best known for his role as Leighton Baines’ back up, Bryan Oviedo made a grand total of 50 Premier League appearances for the club in his five year tenure, scoring only twice from the left back position. The club will surely feel his loss in the coming weeks.

Darron Gibson, another long-forgotten superstar on Everton’s training ground, has made only one appearance in an EFL Cup game earlier this campaign.

Ronald Koeman, boss of the blue Merseyside club, said that “while it is tough to lose any player midseason, much less two star performers, the offer was simply too good to ignore, and will do wonders for the club in the coming years.”

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