The Raised Flag has received exclusive details from a breaking report from that bar down the street that you used to like. The Raised Flag has word that some guy with a man-bun and a Juventus shirt felt “a deep and spiritual” connection to the 120 year old club on his recent week-long trip to Western Europe.

The proud owner of the Juventus shirt, Richie DeVincenzo, is reported to be Italian because his “dad’s grandfather was from there. In theā€¦ south I think or, maybe the north.” He recounted the details of his vacation to “Italy and France and stuff” to a representative of The Raised Flag.

“Well like, I went to the stadium when I was there and it was crazy. There were so many people who were really psyched to see Juve play and it was so cool to be one of them.” DeVincenzo produced a number of selfies on his iPhone detailing his walk to Juventus’s stadium.

When asked about Juve’s recent win over SSC Napoli (who currently sit in second place) he responded, “Oh yeah, I don’t really watch much. Those games are on pretty early, right?” Juventus, who play many weekend afternoons and evenings like every other team in Europe, have won 33 domestic league titles and two European Championships.

The Raised Flag pressed DeVincenzo further regarding his love and appreciation of “The Old Lady”, Juventus. “Yeah I like Barca too. That Messi dude is crazy.”

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