Monaco Striker Kylian Mbappe has had a season for the record books. The French International has scored 19 goals in his last 19 games across Ligue 1 play and UCL play. Arsenal bench boss Arsene Wenger has even compared the striker to a fellow French man, Thierry Henry. They both have a very similar style of play, with tremendous speed and skill. With a transfer cost of 140 million euros, Mbappe is a hot commodity for several English Premier teams already, such as Man United.  Let’s take a look at what Mbappe brings to the table on the pitch.

Scouting report

Mbappe is a tremendous athlete up front. At just 18 years old, he still has a couple years to fill out. He’s only 5’10 and a 148 pounds right now, but very quick on his feet. Versatility is a definite asset for Mbappe, who is able to play the wing as well. He has amazing speed. The 18-year-old has great dribbling ability and has shown that he’s a threat down the wing as he often makes runs by defenders and cuts inside towards the net. One thing that is impressive about Mbappe; his unselfishness. A lot the time, forwards tend to be selfish with the ball and want to do all the scoring on their own. That’s not the case with Mbappe. Even if he does make a beautiful run and he doesn’t have anyone supporting him or he doesn’t see a chance to score, He’ll look for a better opportunity to set a teammate up for an opportunity.

He doesn’t possess the physical strength that opposing players do just because he’s still young, but it hasn’t seemed to hurt him. The pace and acceleration that Mbappe has are second to none, on and off the ball. When he does have the ball, he has amazing ball control and footwork and makes it very difficult for opposing defenders to get the ball off of him. He can change directions on a dime which tends to leave defenders in the dust.

Scoring ability

There’s one huge reason EPL teams are drooling over Mbappe. His uncanny ability to put the ball in the net. Having great ball control and great speed doesn’t matter as much if you can’t score. But the thing that makes Mbappe so deadly is the ability to score at any time. He’s got tremendous soccer sense. As I mentioned earlier, he has 19 goals in his last 19 games across UCL and Ligue 1 games, which is unheard of in any league. It’s not very often you see a player who has scored in that many consecutive games. He also became the youngest player ever to score in both legs of the UCL quarterfinals. the French man has a thundering shot with both his left and right foot. With the combination and speed and skill, the future is extremely bright for the 18-year-old.

Sky is the limit

At such a young age, Mbappe has already accomplished so much. He’s proven this year that Ligue 1 is clearly too easy for him, scoring 14 goals in 26 appearances.  Arsene Wenger took Thierry Henry from Monaco when he was a youngster, and Henry went on to be one of the best players to ever play in the EPL. Wenger has already voiced he can do the same with Mbappe because of the similarities in their play. Mbappe even broke Henry’s record as the youngest player to ever score in Ligue 1 at just 17 years old. Regardless of what big name EPL club Kylian Mbappe goes to, he will shine. The combination and speed, skill, and goal scoring ability aren’t easy to find. Once he fills into his body more, he will be even better. You can tell by his frame right now that he will fill out, and once that happens, he could turn into one of the best players in the world.

The sky is the limit for Kylian Mbappe.