As Liverpool limped out of the League Cup earlier this week, Jurgen Klopp was quick to blame the playing conditions.

“It was difficult – the wind was really strange, it was difficult to handle. You saw one or two balls when the ball stopped in a moment when nobody knew about it. That was difficult for a football-playing side [Liverpool].”

Pundits and fans alike have pointed out far more obvious reasons for Liverpool’s struggling form. Sadio Mane departed for AFCON without an adequate replacement. Emre Can has regressed in terms of form and ability. Georginio Wijnaldum has preferred anonymity to playing football. So rather than any player or manager taking responsibility, Jurgen Klopp has made a scapegoat of crisps.

The Raised Flag has received unconfirmed reports that Klopp, furious with the lethargic playing pace over the past month, has implemented a long-planned senior team crisp ban. When asked about the move Klopp stated “We know what we want to do, we know what we have to do.” Preventing the entire team from consuming their favorite snacks has caused some unrest in the locker room.

Danny Ings, a devout consumer of Walker’s Smoky Bacon, has apparently refused to report to Melwood in light of the ban. Jordan Henderson took to Twitter to offer his support and demonstrate some team solidarity.


Lazar Markovic departed for Hull earlier in the week, and it is possible the oncoming crisp ban played a part. Rumors out of Markovic’s camp suggest that the young Serbian winger averages three bags of Tayto’s Pickled Onion a day.

We all have our vices. Photo courtesy of @MrTaytoNI.

When asked by The Raised Flag if the crisp ban played a part in his decision to depart Markovic said

“I hope that my actions will speak louder than words”

The debate regarding athletic nutrition has swirled vigorously in the past few years. Even for nutritional fanatics the positive impact of banning crisps is negligible at best. More importantly the crisp ban could definitely impact Liverpool’s summer transfer hopes.

Moussa Dembele, an LFC summer target, is quite fond of Golden Wonder’s Tomato Ketchup crisps. Photo courtesy of @MDembele_10.

Fans must think that Klopp’s priorities are skewed. Rather than addressing personnel or tactical issues he has chosen to wage war on his player’s eating habits. Reds can only hope that the ban will be short lived, and that their struggling team will find their form soon.