Since Sadio Mane (Editor’s note: allegedly) kicked Manchester City keeper, Ederson, in the face, the Brazilian has not conceded any goals. Fans are now calling for the Senegalese forward to kick Liverpool shot-stopper, Simon Mignolet, in the face in kind.
Mignolet has been less than stellar since joining the Merseyside outfit in June 2013 and gaffer Jurgen Klopp seems willing to try anything. “I figured if I signed a prettier western European keeper it might stoke Miggy on. I figured if I played some kid from Wales it might push his performances to the next level… at this point, I’ll try anything!” When it was suggested to him that Mignolet simply might not be that good, Klopp was reticent.
Ederson Face

Speculation continues about Ederson’s performance enhancing drug use. Photo Courtesy of @JaimeFMacias

When asked about the prospects of concussive therapy, Mignolet was uncertain, saying “Seriously? We’re seriously talking about this?” He continued to cite his game-saving penalty stop against Leicester City at the weekend as reason to avoid such drastic measures, but many Liverpool fans are still not convinced.

Mane was also determined to do whatever it takes to support the club. “Kick Simon? Sure.” He said to the Raised Flag, and offered no further comment on the matter.