Following his performance against League 2 outfit Plymouth Argyle, Liverpool has received a substantial bid for the Spanish left-back’s services.

Bootle F.C., a county league club, have stepped forward and offered a 20 pound Delta Taxis gift card, as well as a keg of Warsteiner, for Alberto Moreno. Unconfirmed rumors out of Melwood suggest that Jurgen Klopp is fond of Warsteiner, and is considering the offer. Furthermore the gift card is almost four times Moreno’s current transfer value.

Jurgen Klopp applauds the use of beer as transfer currency. Photo courtesy of @LFC.

Moreno is known to most Liverpool fans for being at fault for two goals in two cup finals last year. The career left-back has since been replaced with utility man James Milner. The move to New Bucks Park would provide Moreno with an opportunity for first team football.

Moreno gets pumped to sit on the bench behind a 31-year-old midfielder. Photo courtesy of @lfc18moreno.

However, when Sam Ink, a loyal Bootle fan was asked about the transfer he responded: “Well he is no Mikey Ordish.” Ordish, the current left-back for the Bucks, is in fine form and is yet to single-handedly lose two cup finals. There is concern among the club’s fans that Ordish idolizes Moreno, seeing as he tends to mimic the Spaniard’s hair styles. One neon blonde left-back per club seems enough.

Ordish is known for being a solid left-back who loves being blonde. Could the top knot come next? Photo courtesy of @BootleFCBucks.

The transfer does seem odd in nature and timing. Some Bootle fans have suggested that the plan would be to permanently bench Moreno if the move should go through. Mainly so scousers are no longer subject to watching him bomb down the left only to leave his marked man in acres of space.

Moreno is currently the odd man out at Liverpool. He certainly fails to meet Jurgen Klopp’s defensive demands and a move to the left wing would see him sit behind Philippe Coutinho and Divock Origi. The Spaniard may be better off heading to Bootle and competing with Mikey Ordish; then again, he may not be.

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