With the release of the FIFA 18 trailer comes the slow winding down of the past iteration. FIFA 17 treated us well – new game modes, new features, and the same good times – but its time is coming to an end. All of the Team of the Season cards have been released and Ultimate Team is but an afterthought for many players. So, to commemorate the year of buying, selling, and getting frustrated with the game, we look back at three of the Ultimate Teams of our writers here at Offside Football.


Jason Re – Highest Division: 3 – Current Division: 5

Courtesy of the EA FIFA 17 Web App.

This team is my personal squad and has treated me well over the course of the year. When FIFA first came out last fall, I took Ultimate Team – and the transfer market – very seriously. It was all hectic and stressful, really, and I wasn’t having any fun, just slowly waiting for results. One day I made a split second decision: I was going to sell all of my players and blow all of my coins on packs. It sounds like an idiotic idea, but this is what led to me loving the game again. When I inevitably got nothing of too much value from the packs, I scrounged together a team of American players. It started with mostly silvers and non-rare golds. Mike Grella – the 69-rated left-winger – and Jermaine Jones have been there throughout the entire journey, but they are the only two of the originals that remain. I slowly upgraded my squad and found that I was having fun again – not to mention that as I got more comfortable with it I started to get great results. My top scorer is Bobby Wood at striker; surprisingly fast and strong for a silver card. My favorite player is in-form Pulisic at CAM. His quickness and agility are unmatched; he can glide past defenders. My least favorite player is Michael Bradley; he seems clunky and slow without the added strength of a player like Jermaine Jones. My two centerbacks, in-form John Brooks and in-form Geoff Cameron, are surprisingly solid and make a solid backline with the pace of Yedlin on the right. It may not be the flashiest of squads, but it’s close to my heart and no matter where I end up in the divisions, I’ll be happy.


Ninad Barbadikar – Highest/Current Division: 6

Courtesy of the EA FIFA 17 Web App.

Ninad only recently started getting into the Ultimate Team game mode, but he has already made significant progress. He has a solid Premier League squad with a flash of brilliance in the middle with Team of the Season Sigurdsson. His favorite player is Max Gradel, stating that he has plenty of pace and is also useful when the opposition is countering. Him and Montero are great outlets and put in good crosses for Benteke in the middle to finish. His most underrated player is Jan Kirchoff – stating that he is a proper CDM and players better than he is rated. Ninad says that Kirchoff is very dominant in the air and physical challenges and gets forward to take a long shot himself at times. His top scorer is Benteke up top with 12 goals and 5 assists in 16 matches so far. Sometimes all you need is fast wingers out wide, a creative mdiefielder, and a big strong striker to bang in goals for fun. He also expressed how he felt that the Team of the Season version of Sigurdsson felt a lot worse than the normal version of the same player. This is a young squad and Ninad is looking to improve it and move up the division in the coming months before FIFA 18.


Andrew Holecek – Highest Division: 1 – Current Division: 2

Courtesy of EA Sports FIFA 17 Ultimate Team.

Andy is both one of the best at Ultimate Team here at Offside Football, and one of the luckiest when it comes to opening packs. His whole team shown here is pack pulled, which is a bit of a slap in the face, as I personally haven’t packed a single Team of the Season in my six years of the game mode. His side boasts two in-forms – 86-rated left-winger Thomas Lemar and 86-rated right-winger Thauvin. In addition he has three Team of the Season cards: 92-rated Bernardo Silva at CM, 86-rated Benjamin Mendy at LB, and 89-rated Michael Keane of Burnley at CB. That is to say nothing of his 87-rated Lacazette at striker. This is an incredible Premier League / Ligue 1 hybrid from top to bottom. Andy says that his surprise player is Thomas Lemar, the right-winger from Marseille. His best player is Bernardo Silva, and that shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. His card is absolutely mental – 89 pace, 89 shooting, 95 passing, and 96 dribbling. While not the lowest rated player in the squad, his worst player is right-back Kyle Walker – usually highly used for his pace and strength. His record overall is an astounding 196-11-27, so if any of you want a challenge, this is the guy to play. Andy has already reached the top division in Ultimate Team and is now trying to get back before FIFA 18 inevitably comes.


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