Yesterday the City of Liverpool Football Club announced that the first one hundred kids into their cup match against Widnes would not be charged an entrance fee. Due to league regulations kids are usually charged a pound for cup matches.


The writers, editors, and founders of Offside Football (OSF) decided to come together to support the Purple Kids. While OSF respects the regulations of the Hallmark Security League Football League, non-league football is about removing the barriers that prevent people from attending a match. Even if it just a pound for a kid’s ticket,the folks at OSF feel privileged to help.

The sponsorship of the Purple Kids is Offside’s second financial involvement with the non-league community. The website currently sponsors Bootle Football Club’s prolific striker Ryan Cox. Additionally, OSF has also written about Atherton LRFC, a team currently building themselves up the right way.

When asked about the website’s involvement in non-league football Zac Furlough, a founder and board member at Offside, said

“Well, teams like Bootle, Atherton LRFC, and the City of Liverpool do things the right way. They’re family-first teams. While the big clubs are pricing families out, non-league teams are offering great football at an affordable price. I’m just glad we can support them.”

Offside Football is currently based in the United States and Ireland. Mike DeMarco, another board member and founder of OSF, was asked why the website has concentrated its non-league focus in the north-west area of England.

“The north-west is a working class area. I don’t mean that as a knock, but that is where we as writers and editors felt comfortable. You [Aaron Wallace] have family there, and that helped. It is a natural fit. Everyone is so friendly, they treat the media with respect. I’m glad we decided to get involved.”

All of us at OSF look forward to our continuing work with non-league football. We truly believe that it is the beginning of a fantastic relationship.