Harry Kane has been a scoring machine over the last few years for Tottenham. Since moving up to the big club from the youth program in 2009, Kane has scored 86 goals in 122 appearances for the Spurs.

Just two days ago Real Madrid president Florentino Perez told a Spanish radio they wouldn’t pay a record fee for Kane, stating that Tottenham will almost certainly ask for more than 200 million euros. That would be a more expensive fee than Neymar’s transfer to PSG over the summer.

Personally, in the scheme of European football I believe that Kane is underrated. He doesn’t get as much recognition as he should for a guy who is one of the best goal scorers in Europe. Let’s look at this. Cristiano Ronaldo, arguably the best player in the world, scored 33 goals across all competitions last year. Kane, scored more, tallying 38 goals in all competitions. I know scoring goals isn’t the only thing that matters when it comes to being an all around footballer. But it’s a gigantic part of it, and Kane has an uncanny sense to score.

Kane would be a good signing

Real Madrid has benefited from former Spurs players in the past. Gareth Bale started off at White Hart lane, and the same with Luka Modric. Both of those players have been great  for the Los Blancos. Bale hasn’t scored at the rate he did in England, but he’s also dealt with injuries.

Perez also stated that “Signing Harry Kane has not passed through my head, he is a magnificent player and still very young”.

Perez continued by saying “We are pleased with the team we have right now though, and Kane has many years for him to progress”.

To me, it was like Florentino Perez was trying to say that Kane isn’t good enough to play for Madrid at this point. Which is not true at all. The Spurs striker has already scored 13 goals in 12 appearances this season. Madrid is fairly stacked up front with Ronaldo, Bale, and Karim Benzema. But honestly, Bale hasn’t really been living up to expectations like I mentioned earlier. There’s already been talk that Madrid has thought about getting rid of Bale. If that does happen, it could be the perfect opportunity for Madrid to sign Kane.

Is Kane worth the upwards amount of 250 million euros? I mean, I don’t think anyone is worth that type of coin. But, he is a world class goal scorer and it’s not going to do anything but benefit Madrid. The combination of Benzema and Ronaldo is outstanding, don’t get me wrong. Both players are world class goal scorers.

Pricey, but worth it

There isn’t really any other club that could really afford to pay for Kane. Manchester United is quite wealthy, but it wouldn’t really make much sense for Kane to go to another team in the Premier league. This is just one’s opinion, but I do believe there is others out there that do believe Harry Kane does belong on one of Europe’s giant clubs. He has certainly proved himself by scoring on a regular basis for both Tottenham, and the English national team.

If Kane continues to play world class football for the Spurs for the next year, expect to see a club like Madrid try to sign the 24 year old Englishman, despite the price. He’s still very young, but if he continues to tear up the Premier league, there is no way the big clubs won’t take notice, with Real Madrid being the one who could actually afford him.

Since Real Madrid and Tottenham do have a good relationship of transfers with Bale and Modric, who knows, maybe Tottenham would lower the price for Kane to an amount that isn’t so absurd.